Our powered harness has been updated to a new combination harness for both free and powered flight. We will update the content of pictures and videos of the complete project with the new harness as soon as we will install all the components in it. Have a look to our new harness here.


Sky Gear is a company which is involved in the production of powered harnesses and the development of flying equipment as well. Our background is getting back since 1988 regarding our early stages in free flight and since 1993 in hang gliding instruction and the development of towing equipment for the needs of our school. Our philosophy was always focused in any alternate way of promotion of this sport for both training and flying and for this reason we have been trained in any form of towing (platform towing, stationary towing, aerotowing) in our career, that we evaluated for the needs of our local flying community.


Zenon powered harness:

Our latest development has been produced for the needs of powered hang gliding designed in the highest standards regarding safety and reliability, but in a completely new base regarding the functionality, that is different from any other similar project owing to a number of new features.